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When you need cargo fast, the quickest way is "as the crow flies." Road and rail rarely keep a straight line for more than a couple of miles at a time. What’s more, the speed at which an airplane moves puts most cars and trains to shame. The above reasons make it necessary to sometimes take your cargo to the skies to ensure your goods arrive at their destination on time.

Because we are a Landstar agent, you will find that we have extensive knowledge and expertise dealing with all aspects of air freight. These agents have been equipped to ensure your goods, no matter the quantity and size, are transported as fast as possible and without delays.

We make use of various air freight resources that are TSA-approved including:

• Commercial cargo airplanes
• Commercial cargo carriers
• Air charters.

We have a presence in all major airports across the United States to ensure our clients get the necessary approvals at customs and immigration before the goods are hauled to their destination.

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