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Hazmat Freight Shipping Service In Jacksonville, FL

Need Experts in Handling HAZMAT Freight?

At Let's Move It Logistics, we handle shipping hazardous material on a daily basis. Our HAZMAT freight brokers are some of the best around at dealing with and expediting the shipment of hazardous items, dangerous goods (DG) that are a risk to public health and safety.

Whether it be gasses, liquids, explosives, solids or any other item that may be dangerous to the environment or the health of people, we have the infrastructure to handle your shipment.

Hazmat freight shipping is an intricate system with complex rules and regulations. Many companies often are unaware of the precise details of hazmat management. Any firm that handles or ships the hazardous materials, should be aware of the dangers involved. Safety measures should be applied during transportation. The company should also be aware of the nature of the material and the steps and safety measures needed for the transportation. Improper handling of the hazardous materials can end up putting the lives of many people in danger including the drivers, shipper, carrier, truck owner-operators, and the general public.

Things a shipper should put into consideration when evaluating which carrier to use, the carrier should be:

  • Registered and have permission to transport hazmat, a carrier should be certified by the government to shipment of Hazardous materials.
  • Financial stability
  • Covered by an insurance with effective coverages and levels that is applicable to transporting hazmat
  • Check whether the Carrier has the following:
  • A skilled personnel with experience and able to monitor regulatory changes and also assist in answering the shipper’s questions.
  • Able to identify the specific classes of hazmat that they can transport.
  • Capability in the management capacity to ensure that the commodity, capacity, and the shipper are compatible.
  • The will and capability of making a review and understanding the shipper’s products, applicable placarding, first-responder requirements, and the shipping papers.

A carrier that doesn’t have the qualifications to transport Hazardous materials, can end up ruining the reputation of the firm. It is therefore vital to choose a carrier that puts in safety measures. The management of the entire transportation of the hazmat is very essential.

Advantage of Landstar

Unlike other carrier’s Landstar hazmat are certified by the government to hazmat shipment. Their drivers have the expertise to drive since they are trained according to the U.S federal guidelines and are certified by the government to haul Hazmat freight.

All Landstar Hazmat owner-operators have an obligation to obtain and maintain the hazmat certification. The ship owner-operators also have the obligation to verify that the ship on board is compliant. Landstar has a strict compliance that goes beyond state and federal laws. Landstar ensures the safety of the hazmat been transported, by giving assistance in all areas of need.

When the customers, truck operators, and carriers come to work as a team, with a clear understanding of the requirements and dangers of transporting Hazmat, then it will help ensure and maintain safety during transportation.

Whether you need your HazMat shipping taken care of from a Jacksonville port or anywhere in the country (international as well), we have you covered. Just gives us a call today.

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