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High Risk - High Value Shipping

High Risk - High Value Shipping | Jacksonville Based Logistics Company

High-Value shipping requires high standard logistics. You can not compromise when the risks involved are huge. Landstar is one of the best networks for high-risk freight due to their reputation for having the safest fleets of drivers in the industry.

High Standards

Landstar maintains quality standards in approving owner-operator applicants looking to lease exclusively with Landstar. All of Landstar's equipment is inspected frequently with much more stringent standards than required by law.

Our fleet is equipped with the best technologies to ensure safe transportation of your cargo. Our services are totally transparent and trustworthy.

Safety with Insurance

Landstar has the unique edge of having all of its freight insured with one of the largest insurance companies in the world - Loyds of London. Above all, Landstar's motto "safety above service" gives customers confidence and peace of mind.

Customers can be confident with the knowledge that their high-value cargo is in the safest hands and is fully covered even in the worst case scenario. Landstar insures all types of high-value cargo including electronics, explosives, arms, ammunition, over dimensional items transported across North America.

Optimum Pricing

The added advantage that Landstar provides, which you will not find anywhere in the industry, is their optimum pricing. The rates are one of the lowest in the industry despite offering the highest quality services. If you are an owner-operator interested in driving for Landstar, look no further.

Quality Service

When you are shipping high-risk freight, take no chances. Our friendly customer service staff is always ready to help you with any queries you may be having. We value our customers and take extra effort to ensure all our customers are provided the peace of mind that they deserve.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn about our services and get our rates. We understand you deserve the best especially when you are trusting us with your high value and high-risk cargo.

Let's Move It Logistics is a top 20 Landstar agent based in Jacksonville, FL. Landstar is known for its safety in the industry and our satisfied customers are the true benchmark of our service. You can get to know more about our services through our website and contact us through email or social media. Read through our blogs to keep up to date with the latest information on all our offerings.

High Risk - High Value Shipping

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